• International

    ZZULI has developed cooperative relationships with many internationally famous universities or colleges. More exchange programs for our students are being initiated. Cross-country language exchange activities are constantly held. We help to inculcate in our students an international perspective so that they are well-prepared for the new world under globalization.


    International Student Recruiting

    ZZULI offers many different types of international student programs, including undergraduate degree-seeking programs, non-degree seeking programs, and non-degree seeking language programs (language programs, summer Chinese classes, and Chinese language class auditing).


    International Summer Course Program

    The ZZULI International Summer Course Program provides five-week course study and cultural experience for students from all over the world. Students have an opportunity to get to know China, to experience Henan, the well-accepted cradle of Chinese culture. This program helps students to become more multicultural, to build a global view, and to make friends from all over the world.

    At present, the following three programs are available:

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